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Korvenranta 100 years

Professional woodworking generation after generation.

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Korvenranta is a reliable, fair and flexible woodworking professional.

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Professionals as bright as our premises and as sharp as our cutters. We manufacture and sell our products as a subcontractor to a variety of other companies. Customer satisfaction and committed customer relationships are the backbone of our operations. Close collaboration and long-term cooperation ...

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Artturi Korvenranta, the grandfather of the current owners, founded Järvelän Puuseppätehdas in 1919. Artturi’s son, Risto Korvenranta, was in charge of Korvenrannan puusepäntehdas from 1958 until 1985, after which Risto’s six children transformed the company into a co-owned limited company: Korvenrannan Puusepäntehdas Oy. Nowadays, Korvenranta Oy serves as a subcontractor for multiple fields of business.

Artturi Korvenranta’s brothers were building contractors and Artturi started his career working at their construction sites. He began his own business by manufacturing doors and windows.

The range of products grew in the 1920’s when he started manufacturing furniture. At this time, the factory also produced two bus chassis, including goat-leather seating. In the early 1950’s, the company delivered timber for the Vuoristorata roller coaster in Linnanmäki amusement park. Sawing operations and the production of housing timber were discontinued in the late 50’s when manufacturing focused on furniture for public properties. The company’s customers were, for example, restaurants and the Cumulus hotel franchise. The business has gradually moved from providing public property furniture to delivering furniture and furniture components as a subcontractor.

The emergence of computer operated machinery revolutionized production in the 1990’s, and when CNC-machines were first introduced, refining plywood became a big part of the operations.

One circle has been completed now that the factory is once again producing plywood components for buses and other means of transport.