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Korvenranta 100 years

Professional woodworking generation after generation.

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Korvenranta is a reliable, fair and flexible woodworking professional.

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Professionals as bright as our premises and as sharp as our cutters. We manufacture and sell our products as a subcontractor to a variety of other companies. Customer satisfaction and committed customer relationships are the backbone of our operations. Close collaboration and long-term cooperation ...

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Our versatile machine base includes state-of-the-art technology. We have five different CNC machining stations, automatic material storage, a numerically controlled edge banding machine, an automatic surface treatment line and the essential machines of the carpentry industry. Our five CNC machining stations ensure that the most suitable technology can be used for each job, and that in cases of disturbance, production can easily be transferred to other machines.


Our machines
Schelling FH4 panel saw with area storage system.

Maximum panel size 4100x2100mm


HOMAG Profi KAL370 edge banding machine.

For banding edges on rolls of material of up to 3 mm and solid wood strips of up to 20 mm. Automatic changeovers to different profiles / Efficient and suitable for any material


Master-Wood 323 XL CNC machining station

Maximum panel size 6000x1600x100mm


HOMAG BOF 211 CNC machining station

Maximum panel size 4500x1400x100mm


HOMAG BOF 611 CNC machining station

Maximum panel size 3600x1600x100mm


HOMAG BOF 712 CNC machining station

Maximum panel size 6600x2100x100mm


HOMAG BMG 511 CNC machining station with five-axis trimming spindle

Maximum panel size 4000x2000x300mm



Automatic spraying line with Linear Convention Oven

and UV curing systems