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Korvenranta 100 years

Professional woodworking generation after generation.

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Korvenranta is a reliable, fair and flexible woodworking professional.

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Professionals as bright as our premises and as sharp as our cutters. We manufacture and sell our products as a subcontractor to a variety of other companies. Customer satisfaction and committed customer relationships are the backbone of our operations. Close collaboration and long-term cooperation ...

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We’ve been located on the same spot in Kärkölä since 1919. The premises have been expanded decade by decade to match the demand of our growing business. One of our two buildings of over 3000 m2 is fully utilized by us, and the other is partly rented by other woodworking businesses. We have made extra effort to make our premises comfortable to work in. A stable temperature, good lighting, dust-free air and noise reduction are all important factors for job satisfaction and quality.