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Korvenranta 100 years

Professional woodworking generation after generation.

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Korvenranta is a reliable, fair and flexible woodworking professional.

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Professionals as bright as our premises and as sharp as our cutters. We manufacture and sell our products as a subcontractor to a variety of other companies. Customer satisfaction and committed customer relationships are the backbone of our operations. Close collaboration and long-term cooperation ...

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Contact information

You’ll find our key contact information below.


Office and Production

Korvenranta Oy

Teollisuustie 1

16600 Järvelä


Phone 03 883 380


Bids and production:



Business ID: 2353711-8

E-invoice address: 003723537118

Dealer ID: 003710948874

Dealer: OpusCapita


Our e-invoice address is the same as our EDI id.


Paper purchase invoice address:

Korvenranta Oy

PL 34231, 01051 LASKUT

The People

Jarkko Korvenranta

040 558 8097

Arto Korvenranta

050 556 5699

Jyrki Korvenranta

050 590 7095

Ville Korvenranta

044 368 0721

Juha-Pekka Kettunen

044 041 1401

Kari Korvenranta

050 590 7094