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Korvenranta 100 years

Professional woodworking generation after generation.

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Korvenranta is a reliable, fair and flexible woodworking professional.

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Professionals as bright as our premises and as sharp as our cutters. We manufacture and sell our products as a subcontractor to a variety of other companies. Customer satisfaction and committed customer relationships are the backbone of our operations. Close collaboration and long-term cooperation ...

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Koskisen Oy

Collaboration through decades

Koskisen Oy is a family owned business that was established more than a century ago. Over the years they have become a customer-driven expert in wood refining and a major employer in the industry.

Koskisen reached their status through their rock solid professionalism and reliability. They make the right choices even in the toughest situations. Koskisen grows and evolves by manufacturing a variety of timber products from renewable materials for customers all around the globe – with an active attitude and an open mind.

All Koskisen personnel share a passion and dedication for wood and customers.


The joint path of Koskisen and Korvenranta has been long and fruitful, and our cooperation has lasted decades. This long-lasting relationship, our common operational environment, and our shared values as family owned businesses, create strong a foundation for a partnership with mutual respect. This partnership is comprised of transparency, honest communication and evolving together.

From the beginning, Koskisen and Korvenranta have improved their products and processes together. Some of our marketing has also been done side-by-side. This has ensured that our customers receive quality products for a competitive price.

The quality system at both Koskisen and Korvenranta ensures that the whole process chain is certified with the ISO-system. First and foremost, it is our customers who benefit most from our collaboration.

“With the men of Korvenranta, it´s always been easy to find a solution to any matter. When we both have a passion to wood and the mood of doing, it´s fair and natural to serve the customers together and aim for the future.”

Minna Luomalahti, HR director.